Acquisitions and Supply Chain Module

Acasa/Acquisitions and Supply Chain Module

The ACQUISITIONS AND SUPPLY CHAIN Module aims to help professionals involved in managing supplier contracts or other procurement, logistics and outsourcing activities and to understand and manage the supply and distribution chain profitably.

The courses in this module examine the differences in practices and processes between buyers and sellers and help participants better understand the challenges faced by procurement specialists.

Who should attend

  • Buyers (procurement directors, senior / junior buyers, product managers)
  • Professionals in logistics and planning
  • Manufacturing managers, factory managers
  • Subcontractors
  • Board of production companies

The module is designed for graduates of higher education

Curs Costuri si bugete in productie Academia Industriala

Costs and Budgtes in Production

Financial analysis in budget forecasting for performance indicators and risk assessment …

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Curs Logistica productiei Academia Industriala

Production Logistics

Useful tools for decision-makers throughout the supply chain to streamline shop-floor …

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Curs Managementul achizitiilor industriale Academia Industriala

Industrial Acquisitions Management

Purchasing portfolio evaluation skills, bid and price analysis, vendor approval …

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Curs Negociere avansata Academia Industriala

Advanced Negotiation

Practical knowledge and negotiation skills required for a buyer to obtain the best price under the best possible conditions…

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Curs Planificarea productiei Academia Industriala

Production Planning

Techniques for an integrated planning approach at the organization level, relationship between Production Plan …

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GDPR & Industry 4.0 Course

Instruments and practical knowledge regarding the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) …

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    Why training in Acquisitions and Supply Chain?

    Production facilities are constantly pursuing cost reductions and productivity gains. One of the factors contributing to these goals is the management of the supply chain and the way in which all work is involved together.

    Within this module, we meet the most important challenges of procurement specialists:

    How well do you know your market, suppliers and customers? And the strategy of the company?
    Do you have a negotiation strategy that includes the stage of preparation, understanding of business objectives, profit and loss?
    How do you make sure you’ve chosen the most appropriate provider?
    What are the benefits included in the negotiated cost?

    Ligia Neacsu Cursuri Academia Industriala

    Following this module, the participants will understand

    • the whole process within the supply chain
    • the nature of losses from processes with a high financial impact on the cost of the finished product: procurement / supply, planning and logistics
    • the importance of the integrated approach to the procurement process and the setting of accurate and quantifiable performance indicators

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    Costs and budgets in production 21-23 March, 17-19 October
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    Production Logistics 14-16 March, 13-15 June, 24-26 October
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    Industrial Acquisitions Management 15-17 March, 19-21 March, 18-20 October, 22-24 October
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    Advanced Negotiation 22-24 March, 25-27 October
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    Production Planning 7-9 February, 9-11 May, 12 October
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    GDPR & Industry 4.0 19-20 May
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    • All courses in this module are organized both in OPEN and IN-HOUSE systems and have an average duration of between two and three days
    • For each OPEN training we organize 2 sessions per year
    • OPEN participants can enroll in one or all of the courses in this module. If they opt to enroll in all of the courses in this module, they can attend all courses in one session or they can follow, at their choice, some of the courses in the first session and the rest of the courses in the second session
    • IN-HOUSE courses are organized at any time of the year at the customer’s request for a minimum of 10 participantsusion_li_item]
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    At the end of each course in this module, the participants can take a Practical Work and obtain a professional certificate of competency.

    Participants completing all the courses in this module, including practical papers, take an exam and get a professional diploma.

    Course participants in this module must be graduates of higher education.

    Professional Diploma in ACQUISITIONS AND SUPPLY CHAIN


    • Market analysis, supplier certification, and associated risks
    • Elaboration of procurement strategy and performance measurement
    • Using strategies and tactics to achieve the objectives of a negotiation
    • Planning at the organization level and prioritizing production processes
    • Efficiency of transport , storage and handling activities to increase productivity and reduce costs
    • Understanding the usefulness of financial information in performance appraisal
    Professional Certificate in Industrial Acquisitions


    • Managing the procurement process
    • Elaborating the Purchasing Strategy
    • Understanding prices and components in the total cost of acquisition
    • Seeking and certifying new suppliers as well as approving the products to be purchased
    • Analysis of markets and associated risks
    • New procurement trends: sustainability, e-auction, market place
    Professional Certificate in Strategic Procurement


    • Managing relationships with suppliers
    • Elaboration of procurement strategy
    • Risk Management in the procurement process
    • Contracts
    • Use of hedging tools
    • Measuring performance in procurement
    Professional Certificate in Negotiation


    • Realistic and pertinent fixation of the objectives to be reached through negotiation
    • Strategies and tactics of negotiation
    • Prepare and conduct negotiations
    • Culture and international customs
    • Transactional analysis
    • Assertiveness and interpersonal communication
    Professional Certificate in Production Planning


    • Master planning
    • Production planning
    • The detailed planning process
    • Managing demand in production and forecasting
    • Production capacity management
    • Work Programming Techniques
    • Planning operations
    Professional Certificate in Production Logistics


    • Understanding the theoretical concepts of stock management
    • Understand the tools for managing the transport, storage, handling of goods
    • Using KPI in measuring and controlling logistics activities
    • Developing planning and monitoring capabilities of new project logistics
    Professional Certificate in Finance for Non-Finance


    • Management of the available activity and resources
    • Financial information in the budget process and cost control
    • Budget, forecast, monitoring and execution process
    • Evaluating performance using financial ratios