Human Resources Management Module

Acasa/Human Resources Management Module

THE HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT Module aims to help professionals involved in personnel recruitment or other HR activities through training and further development in this field.

The courses in this module provide a practical approach to human resource management, pursuing the development of specific skills, abilities and competences.

To whom is this course addressed

  • Personnel in the Human Resources department who are in a career development program leading to management positions
  • People who want to specialize in this area

The module addresses graduates of higher education

In the courses in this module interesting topics will be presented, such as: business strategy with applicability in human resources, HR department relationship with the managers of the other departments (creation and development of mutual benefits), facilitation and coaching skills for human resources, action strategies to change the behavior of employees.

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Human Resources Manager

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    Why Train in Human Resources Management?

    Because the Romanian business environment needs specialists in key areas such as management and human resources, otherwise it can not grow and will enter a vicious circle. The courses in this module, devoted to human resources and job seekers, will generate adapted and qualified workforce that corresponds to permanent changes in adapting to new Industry 4.0 technologies.

    In this module we answer the most important questions of human resources specialists:

    Do you know how to make your business strategy applicable to human resources?
    How well did you base your relationship with managers in other departments so that you create and develop future mutual benefits?
    Have you developed your coaching skills to improve employee performance?
    Do you know how to set real goals and performance measurement criteria for your employees?
    How well do you motivate your employees and what methods do you use to change their behavior to the benefit of creating a pleasant work environment?

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    Following this module, the participants will understand:

    • all tools, methods, practices for improving the human resource management activity within the enterprise
    • the importance of motivating employees is the basis for creating a pleasant work environment
    • the methods by which you can change employee behavior to the advantage of the company
    • principles underlying the understanding of employee behavior and effective management of difficult behaviors

    Are you looking for Human Resource Management training tailored to your team?

    We will soon publish the 2018 calendar of courses for this module
    • All courses in this module are organized both OPEN and in-house and have a duration of 3 days (Courses: „Industry 4.0 Coaching Elements” and ” Changing Competences Industry 4.0″) and 8 days (Human Resources manager course)
    • OPEN participants can enroll in one or all of the courses in this module. If they opt to enroll in all of the courses in this module, they can attend all courses in one session or they can follow, at their choice, some of the courses in the first session and the rest of the courses in the second session.
    • In-house courses are organized at any time of the year, at the request of the customer, for a minimum of 10 participants.
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